Knoxville Creatives - Work, Play, Live - Volume 5

Meet Katie and Mason Gonzalez. You may recognize them if you've ever been into VG's Bakery in Farragut. That's where they spend most of their time with their mother, VG, watching her create scrumptious baked goods daily! I'm so glad I got to meet Katie and Mason through this project and learn about these two creative souls. 


Names: Katie and Mason Gonzalez

Age: Katie-30 Mason-32

Katie and Mason at Casual Pint Farragut, where Katie also works part time as a bartender. 

Katie and Mason at Casual Pint Farragut, where Katie also works part time as a bartender. 

How long have you lived in the Knoxville area?: [Katie] - forever [Mason] - 11 years

Were you born/raised in Knoxville?: [Katie] was born and raised in Knoxville. [Mason] was born in San Diego, California, spent a few years in Japan, a few years in Chicago, middle and high school in New Tazewell, TN before moving to Knoxville at age 21.

What is your occupation and where do you work?: We both work at VG's Bakery in Farragut, TN. Katie's parents are the owners. [Katie] works as the General Manager, and [Mason] works as the front-of-house manager.

What is your favorite thing about your job?: We love building a relationship with our 'regulars' and feeling a strong sense of community within Farragut and Knoxville. Not to mention, we love brightening peoples' special occasions with delicious baked goodies!



What do you do for fun?: We love love love spending time at local breweries and exploring Knoxville's culinary scene, especially the food trucks that are popping up around town.

Do you have a unique/fun hobby? Eating our way around Knoxville and enjoying the occasional game of live team trivia under the moniker "The Farragut Meowfia" !

What is your favorite outdoor activity?: We participate in several of Knoxville's various farmers' markets, which we enjoy through the year, rain or shine!

If you had to pick one restaurant in Knoxville to eat at for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?: This is a tough one! We love such a wide range of restaurants in and around Knoxville, but if we have to narrow it down....Katie would choose Holly's Gourmets Market, and Mason would choose Surin of Thailand!

What is one thing you like about your home that you think is unique?: We love that we got to watch our home in Fountain City being remodeled and rejuvenated to be new and nice but with the 1920s craftsman style staying intact.


Do you have any pets?: Yes! We have an 8 year old cat named Fraggle who is definitely the Queen of the household, and we have an older rescue pup named Radar who is grumpy and adorable.

Last but not least, what do you love about Knoxville?: We love that Knoxville seems to be coming into itself at the same time as we are. We moved closer to the city-center so we could experience Knoxville's young, entrepreneurial community bloom and flourish.