Knoxville Creative - Work, Play, Live - Volume 2

Meet Zachary Roskop. Zack is the owner of Knox Brew Tours, LLC and all he wants to do is share his love and passion of craft brewing with the world. I spent the day on one of his exciting brew tours and got to try some interesting and delicious beers at 4 local breweries, as well as learn a lot about craft brewing. Zack is one interesting individual and I'm very excited to share with you how this Knoxville entrepreneur is shaking things up in The Marble City.


Name: Zachary Roskop

Age: 27

How long have you lived in the Knoxville area?: 25 years

Were you born/raised in Knoxville? If not, where did you grow up?: Raised yes, born no. Born in upstate New York.

What is your occupation and where do you work?: Owner/Operator of Knox Brew Tours, LLC

Knox Brew Tours is located behind Hops and Hollers off of N. Central Street in Knoxville.

Zack standing in front of his VW Bus, nicknamed "Scruffy".

What is your favorite thing about your job?: Sharing with people my passion for the city of Knoxville and craft beer (and meeting strangers)

Zack giving a tour at Balter Beer Works.

Last Days of Autumn Brewery

Crafty Bastards Menu

What do you do for fun?: Hike, bike, drink beer, play music, write.

Do you have a unique/fun hobby?: Currently working on a podcast with the goal in mind of learning more about other people and general aspects of life I don't already know about.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?: Biking or swimming.

Zack's unique sticker-filled bike

If you had to pick one restaurant in Knoxville to eat at for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?: Sunspot. Excellent beer selection (high and low gravity), excellent salads, and generally healthy food options.

What is one thing you like about your home that you think is unique?: I love my bed frame. I custom built it to fit in a bay window for maximum efficiency of space.

*Editors note: Zack is working towards owning a tiny home. He has converted his bedroom into his sole living space by turning his closet into his kitchen. He has a large home in North Knoxville but uses a small portion of it in order to prepare him for tiny living.

Do you have any pets? If so, tell me about them!: One cat, Luther. He is amazing. I am truly a dog person that has a cat and he is the closest cat to a dog I have ever seen. He truly chose me but that's a bit of a story.

Last but not least, what do you love about Knoxville?: So many things. I love its location geographically. It's close to several big cities and it's near the mountains. It's only really hot one week of the year and really cold one week of the year. You can be a shaker and a mover very quickly and with little capital. The people are friendly and traffic is manageable. All things considered, it's pretty cheap to live here, too. It also has a sense of community I've never felt anywhere else. I've been all over the US and parts of Europe and every time I leave I miss it dearly and can't wait to come back.