Knoxville Creatives - Work, Play, Live - Volume 8


Meet Ashlee Doughtery. She's the first Knoxville Creative I have interviewed since July of last year! I really can't believe it's almost been a year since I have posted a WPL volume but I'm happy to be back at it! I met Ashlee in 2016 at Happy HollerPalooza where she had a tent set up with all of her amazing art and I started following her on instagram. When it came time for me to find another creative, I immediately thought of Ashlee. I had so much fun photographing her art, space and her style. Get to know more about Ashlee below!


Name:  Ashlee Dougherty

Age: 23

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How long have you lived in the Knoxville area?: I've lived in Knoxville for my entire life! I grew up in North Knoxville. I've kicked around the idea of moving away, but it's very daunting! I love this city. 

What is your occupation and where do you work?: Right now, I'm an interior design student at Pellissippi, and I work part-time at a sub shop. I'm currently learning about woodworking and upholstery, and I run an Etsy shop, JackalopeDear, where I sell my art and things I've made. I'm very passionate about design in furniture and decor, and dream of having my own pieces or maybe a decor line in the future. I'm also working towards opening a small business with a good friend that will hopefully bring a little something different to the community.

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What is your favorite thing about your occupation?: I love the feeling I get when I make something myself. It feels like such an accomplishment to make something with your own two hands, whether it's art, a piece of decor, an arrangement of objects you love, or a space that makes you feel cozy, inspired, or simply like you're home. I love to mix styles, old and new pieces with varying patterns and textures. I can't imagine myself doing any kind of work that doesn't allow me to be creative or be inspired, because it's all I think about all the time. It consumes my life-- but I wouldn't change that for anything.

Purchase the "I Have No Idea" Sticker  here  and the Leaf sticker  here

Purchase the "I Have No Idea" Sticker here and the Leaf sticker here

Purchase the Pastel Abstract print  here  

Purchase the Pastel Abstract print here 

Purchase the Botanical Snake Print  here  

Purchase the Botanical Snake Print here 

What do you do for fun?: One of my favorite things to do is take road trips with my boyfriend and friends. I love to find fun and unusual roadside attractions and murals, especially the fiberglass sculptures that are scattered across the country! Once, between here and Kansas City, MO, my boyfriend and I made several stops just to track down five pink fiberglass elephants. It's a big goal of mine to see Seven Magic Mountains, right outside Las Vegas, before it's taken down in May of this year, and to stay in the three remaining Wigwam Motels. I also really enjoy going to shows with my friends! We saw STRFKR here at the Mill and Mine last July, and Sylvan Esso there for the second time in April. Around town, I like to go plant shopping at Stanley's and shop at antique stores and estate sales. My friends and I also frequent Urban Bar, it's our go-to Friday night plan!

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Do you have a unique/fun hobby?: My current hobbies are the ones you see in my Etsy shop! I love painting terra cotta planters with fun patterns and making art that fits my style. I've also recently gotten into weaving, so I've been having a lot of fun translating that into fiber art wall hangings. I generally love taking a stab at any DIY that is interesting to me, and trying out new techniques. I recently made my own disco ball for a school project!

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What is your favorite outdoor activity?: As much as I hate to admit it, I generally prefer being indoors! If you do catch me outside though, I'm usually swimming at the Fort Dickerson quarry. However, we recently moved into a house with a covered front porch, so I'm really eager to spend some nice summer nights out there.

If you had to pick one restaurant in Knoxville to eat at for the rest of your life, where would it be and why?: I LOVE the Tomato Head. Their salmon and pesto pizza is my favorite pizza in the world, and their hummus is second to none. They always have a great draft beer selection too!

What is one thing you like about your home that you think is unique?: The house we live in, I'm pretty sure, is a converted storefront, so we've been blessed with three large windows across the front of the house. Our living room also has two nice clerestory windows, which are perfect for getting that great evening light, but without being blinded! I also love that our home is where I get to house my collections. I collect several different things: like globes, art prints, novelty lighting, glassware, plants, and knick-knacks like stones, minerals, and vintage figurines. A lot of it is sentimental in some way, but a lot are also just things I like to look at and draw inspiration from.

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Do you have any pets? If so, tell me about them!: I have two cats, brothers Maxwell and Ringo. They're the most loving kitties I've ever known and have such big personalities! Maxwell is a big cuddler, he loves to give hugs when he's in the mood, but also loves knocking glasses of water off of tables. Ringo is a lovable dummy who also really enjoys munching on plants and being held like a baby.

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Last but not least, what do you love about Knoxville?: I've only recently come to appreciate Knoxville as much as I do, but I love that we're known as the Maker City. All the time I hear about new small businesses and almost all the ones I've visited are great. I believe that Knoxville is a great place to pursue something you're passionate about. This city also has some really great history and historic architecture, and that's definitely a perk! My favorite old buildings are the ones with original murals or lots of glass blocks or cool tiling or signage, like the old Charlie's Pie Shop building and the Knox Glass sign on Central.

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