Modern Map Art | Knoxville Lifestyle Photographer

I recently found this cool company called Modern Map Art and I am obsessed. I love anything that has to do with paying homage to your city within your home and decorating style. Having been a recent Knoxville transplant, I very quickly came to respect and love this city for all it's amazing offerings. That's part of the reason why I stated Knoxville Creatives - Work, Play, Live.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this website and noticed they had a Knoxville grid map. How cool is that? Turns out, the person who makes all these awesome maps is somewhat of a modern cartographer of sorts but they also traveled the world, learning and appreciating all that other cities have to offer. They have many city maps in their shop including Gatlinburg, Asheville, Manhattan and more. They even have cities from other countries like Perth, Amsterdam and the Caymen Islands! And they also do custom work if for some reason you're wanting a lesser known city (although they've got hundreds on there so your city is probably there) They also have these amazing colorful skyline prints and tons of other products to explore. All have to do with cities and I think that's awesome.

Click below to check them out and buy your own modern map art!


Ashton Streifert