Lila's Home | Knoxville Lifestyle Photographer

I love taking pictures of unique homes here in the Knoxville area. The old homes, especially in my neck of the woods, Old North Knox, have so much charm and beauty that it would be a shame not to photograph them and share them with the world.

I met Lila through a mutual friend and she was intrigued with my desire to photograph older, unique homes. She invited me over on a Saturday and although the sun was being stubborn and not wanting to fully come out, we were still able to get some beautiful, natural light photos of her home. It was filled with all sorts of fun colors and art and paintings from local artists. Plants were placed all throughout the house (which I loved) and her adorable dog followed us from room to room, barking at all the squirrels outside. 

I love what I do, especially when I get to meet new amazing people like Lila and photograph unique spaces.

Take a look at Lila's beautiful Old North Knox home.

Ashton Streifert