Jacob + Catherine's Surprise Engagement | Knoxville Engagement Photographer

Jacob was out of town and Catherine thought that she and Jacob's mom were just going for a regular dinner at one of her favorite spots, Riverview Grill in Clinton, TN. Little did Catherine know, Jacob was not only in town but parked across the street, waiting to surprise her and pop the question. 

The entire restaurant staff was in on it and Jacob's mother hired me to secretly shoot the proposal. Catherine did not know me and neither did Jacob so it actually worked out perfectly. Jacob showed up, dressed in a suit, and walked into the back room where Catherine sat unsuspectingly waiting for Jacob's mom. She was looking at her phone and didn't even notice Jacob standing beside her. He tapped her shoulder and she looked up in awe. She was speechless. Jacob smiled, got down on one knee, and asked Catherine to marry him. She (of course) said yes and it was such a special moment. They embraced each other for what seemed like forever. She just did not want to let go. The ring was classic and beautiful, just like Catherine. 

I wish the best of luck to the couple. Congratulations Catherine and Jacob! May you both live happily ever after <3


Ashton Streifert