Tabitha and Josh

I've known Tabitha for, what is it now, 10+ years? Seems like it's been my whole life, really. I love this girl so much and her family is so beautiful. I live in Tennessee and Tabitha still lives in Georgia so I only really get to see her when I come home for the holidays. We decided to get together while I was home for Thanksgiving and take some shots of her and her hubby to be, Josh, along with their adorable son Braxton. Tabitha has another daughter, Reagan, but she was with her dad that weekend. 

I have seen Tabitha through the ups and downs through the years and I am so pleased that she found Josh. He's a great dad to Braxton and Reagan and a wonderful partner to Tabitha.

Before I get too mushy, I will end it here with pictures! Congratulations Tabitha and Josh. I love you guys!


Ashton Streifert