Charleston, SC | November 2016 | Knoxville Adventure Photographer

Tim and I took a short vacation this past weekend to Charleston, SC. It was both our first times there and what a magical place it was! We are already planning our next trip there.

The streets were filled with cobblestone and the smell of the sea filled the air. It almost reminded us of New Orleans (which we love!) With it's ivy walls and colorful homes mixed with southern charm and french influence, this place is hauntingly beautiful. I say hauntingly because Charleston is one the most haunted cities in the US. On our second night, we took a night time walking ghost tour around the city and got to learn the history of Charleston's deadly past. It was very interesting and slightly spooky (it takes a lot to scare us) There are several touring companies there that do the ghost tours but we did the one with Tour Charleston. Check them out if you go! It's a must-do there!

Our last day consisted of heading to Folly Beach and visiting part of the ghost tour during the daytime at Charleston's Unitarian Church downtown. Their graveyard was more beautiful than morbid and more bright than gloomy. The sun beamed on the headstones as if to give new life to those buried there. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip. We ended the trip with a very nice dinner at Ansons (highly recommended) and a night walk at waterfront, eating tiramisu and watching the cruise ship come in.  

Overall, it was an amazing time and we cannot wait to go back! I hope you all enjoy these photos I took while I was there. I miss it already. 


Ashton Streifert